How can you tell if your house needs rewiring is a question I get asked a lot. Its not always easy to spot if your house need rewiring as many of your electric cables will be hidden behind walls and in your loft space. However, I’ve put together this simple guide to help you understand why your home might need rewiring and how you might be able to spot it. Not everyone is a trained electrician, so I offer a free house rewire survey to determine if your home needs rewiring and what the costs will be.

The cabling in properties has changed significantly over the years, including the fuse box/consumer units they are attached to. Essentially, many houses wired before 1984 didn’t have an earth cable and some used aluminum wire instead of copper. Aluminum wire is 55 times more likely to cause a fire than homes wired with copper due to aluminum wire running hotter than copper wire. Without an earth connection (the third wire in a cable) you are susceptible to electrical shocks if there is an overload of power going into your electrical equipment and also is non-compliant with the current regulations. The job of an earth wire is to drain any access electricity so you can’t get electrocuted.

Establishing if your house need rewiring depends on the age of the house and the last time the house was wired. Sometimes, when looking at your fuse box or consumer unit you may find a sticker that details the date it was installed. However, this could be miss-leading as it might only display the date the fuse box or consumer unit was installed, not the property being rewired.

Another way to work out if your house needs rewiring is to have a look at plug sockets, any visible wiring and your existing fuse box, but only if it’s safe to do so. If the fuse box is mounted on wood, its likely to date back to the 1960’s and will need changing as there won’t be an earth. If any wiring looks old and frayed, it need changing. If any plug sockets that are worn or feel hot when in use, they should be changed too.

If you decide to have you house rewired, think carefully about where you want electrical sockets and light switches etc. It may be you just want to follow the existing layout but you may decide that you need extra sockets/light fittings or can even reduce some of the existing sockets/light fittings. The other things to take into account is the advancements in technology and the reliance on Wi-Fi, if you know where tv’s, computers, printers etc are going then it is very easy to network your house at the same time.

Not only do I offer installation of various products and systems, but am also happy to offer unique bespoke design. From Garden lighting to security and network systems I can design, install and Test the perfect system for your needs

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