Outside Wiring


One of the most common things home owners are doing now is installing wiring for outdoor lighting, water features and garden rooms/sheds. Very often, you might be tempted to do this yourself.

However if you intend to run a permanent cable carrying mains voltage electricity through the garden, it is notifiable according to the 17th edition wiring regulations. Therefore if you intend to do it yourself, it will need to be inspected and certified by your local authority. Without this certification, you are breaking the law and probably invalidating your home insurance. A lack of a certificate at the time of selling could give the buyer leverage over the price.

I am able to self-certify the work, saving you the problem of notifying the Local Authority and having regular inspections after each stage of the work. DIY jobs always take a lot longer than you imagine. Time to research what is needed, to notify the local authority and face inspections, to source the materials and to fit everything. Not exactly time wasted but it eats into time that you could have spent pursuing your hobbies, socializing, family time etc.

When you add up the cost of materials and the hours you have spent (researching aswell as installing), you will find it is actually a lot cheaper leaving it to a professional. I would do all of the technical planning as well as the installation. For example, the 17th edition wiring regulations stipulate the maximum voltage drops for long cable runs. For you to work out the size of cable and voltage drop would be at best, time consuming.

Ask yourself, is it worth the risk of getting it wrong by DIY?

A electrician will know straight away what type of earthing is on your system and will automatically set you up with the safest solution.

The correctly armored cable must be used in order to comply with the regulations. Your electrician probably has this in stock which saves you trailing round all of the DIY stores in your area trying to find it.

Many DIY electricians would probably just take a spur off an existing circuit, often from the kitchen, without considering how close to capacity it is. Apart from the annoyance of the garden electrics tripping out regularly, it can have a knock-on effect on the use of other appliances in the kitchen.

The electrician’s solution would be to take the garden supply directly from the consumer unit. That way, other circuits are unaffected by problems in the garden wiring.

So there are many reasons why you should hire an electrician to fit your garden lighting, water feature or shed/garden room.

Give me a call and I can give you a no obligation quote and what work needs completing


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